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Recruiting Tips
This will be your one-stop-shop for all recruiting information that will assist you on your journey to play at the next level.

- Create NCAA eligibility profile: HTTPS://WEB3.NCAA.ORG/ECWR3/
- Email coaches playerr information such as schedules, skills and highlight videos to get exposure (coache cannot email back until June 15th of your Sophmore year)
- Fill out questionnaires
- Attend college camps, clinics and visits

- Take ACT and/or SAT
- Research prospective colleges and programs
- Email coaches player information
- Attend college camps, clinics and visits

- June 15th: communicate directly with college coaches
- August 1st: take official and unofficial visits to universities and have off-campus contact with coaches/program staff
- Attend college camps, clinics and visits

- Directly communicate (email/call/text) college coaches/program staff

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